The ERA Food Co-op Values

Become a member and join our growing community of conscious consumers.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our goal is to work closely with neighborhood farmers, hinging the connection between supplier and consumer.

Local Economies

The co-op is locally owned and operated, the money you spend is recirculated into your community. The co-op creates jobs not only for the suppliers but the employees we hire once our store opens.

Community Connections

The co-op brings like minded individuals together working toward a common theme; healthy, sustainable living. When you become a member, you are added to our growing community of conscious consumers.

Trustworthy Food Access

We work hard to check labels, sourcing, and production techniques so you don't have to.

Health Education & Awareness

The co-op will be more than a grocery store, we are designing a meeting place where you can take classes and workshops in health education and sustainable living.

Democratic Ownership

A cooperative business is owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services. The co-op runs on a democratic standing of one share, one vote policy.

Giving Back

Currently the co-op is ran on a volunteer basis, solely for the betterment of our community. Our goal is to create healthy food systems in order to aid in a nourished, happy co-op community.

Social Justice & Ethically Produced Goods

We value honesty and integrity, meaning we will hold our food and products to the highest standard. We will provide fair-trade, organic, and sustainable goods as often as possible.

Member Driven

We put people in front of profit, delivering our community with healthy, locally sourced goods at a fair price.

Why is a co-op important?

Why is a co-op important?

In this fast paced society we often forget how much our spending affects the World around us. The ERA Food Co-op is dedicated to educating it's community on the importance of supporting local. We are committed to promoting a common goal – healthy, sustainable living. Co-op’s are a great way to connect with our farmers and our neighbors, strengthening our local economies. Not to mention the endless benefits of member-ownership...


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."