About Us

Who We Are

The Elk River Area Food Co-Op is a cooperatively owned food store that will provide local, natural, and healthy food for Elk River and surrounding areas, as well as serve as a community gathering place, offering community education centered around food and community issues.

Our Story

Two local women saw a need for a grocery store where people couple purchase healthy, organic and local foods without having to stop at more than one store. They began researching co-ops and decided they would see if there was interest locally. Since that time there have been more than 16 monthly meetings with an average of 10 people present per meeting and over 1,000 likes on Facebook!

Board of Directors

Liz Tveite, Kari Froehlich, Tiffany Determan, Annie Felix-Gerth, Sheri Olson, Jessica Hackenmueller

Liz Tveite, Kari Froehlich, Tiffany Determan, Annie Felix-Gerth, Sheri Olson, Jessica Hackenmueller

Our Mission

The Elk River Area Food Co-op is a member-owned organization dedicated to providing access to high quality local, natural and organic food at a fair price, supporting local farmers, and contributing economically to the community.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Voluntary & Open Membership
  • Democratic Member Control
  • Member Economic Participation
  • Autonomy & Independence

Community Benefits

  • Local money stays local
  • Job creation
  • Support for local farmers
  • Community Education
  • Convenience & affordability for shoppers
  • Provides a welcoming & accessible community gathering place
  • A member-owned business that will respond to local needs
  • A conduit for supporting & creating community connections

Next Steps


We are now taking memberships!

Membership funds are a HUGE part of the funding that is needed to get the store established. Please consider becoming a founding member today.

Learn More

Currently we are working with the Minnesota School of Business to develop a business plan which we hope to have completed by Spring 2015. We are now accepting memberships! As an early member, you can take pride in knowing that your involvement will help provide funding (to match grants and bank loans) which will help conduct daily operations. Miller Tax and Bookkeeping Inc of Otsego has offered to assist the co-op with bookkeeping and tax related reporting (at no charge) for the immediate future.

Membership Kickoff Picnic in the Park

May 30, 2015

Join us for a picnic in the park to kick off our membership drive! Come for the live music, silent auction, guest speakers and to sample local food. Print and share the flyer with your friends and family!

Community Interest Survey

March 31, 2015

The purpose of this survey is to gauge the level of local support for a food co-op in the Elk River area as well as to understand the needs and wants of people in the community.The survey will only take a few minutes of your time and all answers are anonymous. If you have any […]


November 25, 2014
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Joni Astrup of Star News writes about the Elk River Area Food Co-op memberships, now available! Read the full article online.


November 19, 2014

The Minnesota School of Business in Elk River blogged about our partnership to finalize our business plan. Check out their full blog post online.

Establish Bylaws

August 6, 2014

Read our current Bylaws

Officially incorporated!

March 12, 2014

See our official Certificate of Incorporation


September 26, 2013
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Joni Astrup of Star News writes about our efforts to form a co-op in Elk River. Read the full article online. Download a PDF of the article.