Why is membership important?


When you become a member with the Elk River Area Food Co-op, you become an owner and investor in a growing, supportive community of conscious consumers. YOU are the reason we exist and YOU are the key to opening our doors. Without members, our co-op dream will not become a reality. Each individual sign-up puts us one step closer to building a community space where you can come enjoy local produce and connect with your neighbors and friends. Your investment provides us with the start up capital it takes to design, implement and organize a food co-op.

By becoming a member you get a say in who is elected to our Board of Directors and other business decisions as they arise. Owners will receive patronage refunds when the co-op becomes profitable along with owner-only discounts and coupons! In the mean time, we have been working with local businesses so you can reap the reward before our physical store is open – check out all our partnerships and the discounts they provide.

By becoming a member you can feel good knowing your commitment to the co-op vision is going to help support local farmers, local economies, and provide trust-worthy, healthy, sustainably raised food.

Currently a member?

Spread the word. We rely on our owners to tell their friends and family. The more members we gain, the sooner we open our doors.

Not a member yet?

What are you waiting for? With 14 local partnerships you can begin benefiting the moment you sign up. With that said, you are also supporting a dynamic, community owned store that is going to provide you with the health food and products you need to fuel your family. Go to our Membership/Online Registration Tab to sign up today!