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Anyone can shop at the co-op, but we need members in order to build a store front. Our members are our owners and without their investment the ERA Food Co-op cannot open.

Owners provide community support for the co-op. Their investment and involvement makes the co-op possible. By becoming a member you get a say in who is elected to our Board of Directors and other business decisions as they arise. Owners will receive patronage refunds when the store becomes profitable along with owner-only discounts and coupons.

By becoming a member you can feel good knowing your commitment to the co-op vision is going to help support local farmers, local economies, and provide trust-worthy, healthy, sustainably raised food.

To become an Owner, fill out the ownership form below.

A member-owner is more than a consumer, you become an investor and vital asset in the co-op development. Your one time membership fee unlocks priceless benefits!

Membership Registration

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To become a Member of the Elk River Area Food Coop (the "Coop") a person must complete this member application form and purchase one (1) share of the Co-Ops Class A Voting Common Stock for $100; such purchase is a one-time investment that can be paid in full by credit card or cash.

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Please download and review the Elk River Area Food Co-op Bylaws.

As with any investment, your ownership share is subject to risk.  If the co-op is unsuccessful, the board of directors will determine distribution of remaining assets.  Every effort will be made to refund the paid portion of your member-owner equity share.



Membership is a one-time $100 investment that gives you lifetime membership in the co-op.  There is no annual fee after this initial investment.

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Once you submit this form, you will be re-directed to PayPal to complete your payment.

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  1. Thank you Alison! We are happy to have you. Keep spreading the word and let all your friends know about the amazing benefits of being a member. Welcome to our co-op family.

  2. So awesome to have a co-op close to home, instead of trekking to the cities!😬

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