CO-OP UPDATES – June 2017

We have been so busy with planning special events, holding a Meet & Greet, attending the National Co-op Conference and starting our season at the Elk River Farmers Market
With that said, here is an update:

*We are at 245 MEBMER OWNERS!!!! This is so exciting.
If every one of our members got one to two people to join the co-op,
we’d be able to start looking at potential sites.

*We’ve added lots of new partnerships with a grand total of 14 local MEMBER BENEFITS.

*We held a Meet & Greet in which 30+ community members came to hear about the co-op and get their questions answered.

*We’ve distributed over 15 yard signs throughout town, keep your eyes open 🙂
*We have big plans for our Farmers Market booth for Summer 2017!! Continue to stop by and hear what’s going on.

Everyday we get closer to our goal.

Keep spreading the word and if you’re on the fence – make the leap.
We need members in order to open our doors.
What are you waiting for?


On that note,
here is a reminder why we’re putting in all this time and effort to bring a co-op to town:

“I believe in cooperation, being fair with everybody,
the consumer as well as the workers,
putting out better products, better working conditions and a living wage for all.”