Host a House Party

Come one, come all.
Gather around the table!

The Elk River Area Food Co-op understands the power of gathering people together. We believe that bringing people to the table to discuss an important issue, in a comfortable environment, is a great way to grow sustainable and durable support for the Elk River Area Food Co-op.

We need your help!

Hosting a house party is a great opportunity to bring your network of like-minded individuals together to answer questions about the co-op. The best part is you’re not in it alone – a trained volunteer will help you every step of the way. From planning, preparation, all the way to the final celebration you will have support and guidance in order to host an informative, motivating, fun party.

Once you decide you want to host a house party, download the House Party Planning Guide and contact us at From there we will help you plan the details. Your job is to invite as many friends, family members, co-workers, and anyone else who will benefit from this amazing cause. Decide on a few snacks and beverages to have available, pick a date and let your trained Co-op House Party Expert do the heavy lifting. It doesn’t have to be fancy, we’re all about practicality. In the garage, at the kitchen table, or sitting in the living room – we don’t care where the parties at, we just want to bring people together!

House Parties have been extremely helpful in the growth of the Elk River Area Food Co-op and we look to our members to continue to promote our efforts and get the word out. Check your calendar and set your Elk River Area Food Co-op House Party date today!